Renga, “DirtyRobot” Ecosystem

• Renga is described as “a carefully curated, hand-crafted collection inspired by community, art, and imagination.”
• RENGA Black Box is a collection of mysterious NFTs on Ethereum blockchain. Each RENGA Black Box NFT
was airdropped to holders of The Art of Seasons NFTs.
• The black boxes are blank canvases, with the ability to reveal any RENGA character. The boxes resembling the
archetypes are more specific, guaranteeing a RENGA character with a likeness from the archetype on the box.

Artist: Dirty Robot, DirtyRobotWorks- Twitter
• The nickname that the illustrator and artist of these collections go with.
• They have more than 42k followers on Twitter and are based in UK and Japan. Despite the popularity on social media the team is not doxxed.

How project works / utility / tokenomics:
• RENGAs come through every black box holder. They will be given the opportunity to open their box (burn) and reveal a character (mint) from the RENGA universe via a burn-to-mint mechanism.
• Revealing your PFP is not required, if you rather hold/sell the box.
o Similar format to CloneX and the Mint vials
• Art of Season Supply: 7.2k items Floor: 0.28E
• Each AOS holder was airdropped the Black Boxes, not all have been revealed.
o Currently 7.1k Black Boxes have been opened
• Current Floors:
o Art of Season: 0.28E

• Speculation around it being the PFP for 10KTF, highly doubt this would be true but still influencing price action
• People following this project: Renga Twitter Followers

Art of Seasons- OpenSea
Black Box- OpenSea
Renga- OpenSea
Renga Website

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