Admit One Summary Overview:
• Admit One is a collection of 1,000 access NFTs created by @gmoneyNFT.
• NFTs work as an entry ticket to an exclusive community of Web3 enthusiasts, builders, and thought leaders

• Founder of project, Gmoney is a well-known individual in the space. Also owner of the famous ape crypto punk.

How project works / utility:
• Gmoney rewarded his supporters that held any gmoney POAPs with the ability to mint an Admit One NFT for no cost.
• Gmoney is launching a zero-fee marketplace for all collections related to the gmoney brand.
o A community-focused marketplace allows people to trade any gmoney NFT without the worry of being
scammed by fake collections, along with curating the purchasing experience.
o Holding an Admit One NFT allows holders to be in the center of all gmoney projects.
• There was 2 ways to be eligible for the drop:
o Be chosen to be a member that will being insight and value to the community
o Be a POAP holder, Gmoney gave to variety of people he has met or received support from along the way.
• As of now, the memberships last for 3 years after start of mint

• Deployed 6 days ago, Free mint, 1000 items and currently 871 members
• Floor price: 12.7E
• OS Volume traded: 2.3kE & 10% secondary royalty fees
• Distribution of memberships:
• 212 curated members by gmoney.
o 60 spots for partners and team members.
o 30 spots for future distribution by gmoney. o 698 spots for eligible POAP holders.

Chart displaying unique holding addresses and item holding duration

Gmoney Marketplace
Admit One- OpenSea

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