The design of one of my go-to websites

There are a few go-to sites when it comes to following the NFT space. One of my main websites is OpenSea, I have been going on this site almost everyday for the past year in which I have been able to see its design and functionality improve and iterate. When you enter the site you are greeted with a smooth yet intricate layout. Another piece I really enjoy is the typography and colour schemes, I think they fit really well as it is welcoming and engaging. I do think as they have continued to make updates, the home page has a lot going so though it all may appear welcoming but may be daunting for new users still learning. That being said, it has been very effective in retention and engagement so OpenSea is still definitely doing something right. Especially now taking PUB 101, my awareness of platform design has increased a lot, acknowledging this I am seeing many other Competitors sites copying its design. OpenSea is the biggest marketplace in its industry, with its success many other marketplaces have begun using similar features and layouts as they see the efficiency of their platform. As mentioned before, “It doesn’t take long for opinions to morph from one organization’s experience, to industry-wide opinion, to black and white standards and best practices”, and I believe this is happening between the top marketplaces (Gertz, 2015).

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