“Two’s, Seven’s, and E’s for F’s”

Remixing something? Hmmm… I created a piece of art for my remix, so if you are interested why I chose what I did- this is why. As I work in this abstract sector we call crypto, I see astonishing art and digital collectibles traded all day. When I began, it all seemed so confusing and bizarre but as time past I became addicted.

Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of garbage out there but hidden in all this noise I have found some of the most impressing artists and people. The work I chose to remix is by an man name Tyler Hobbs. Texas born, digital artist produced many collections but this one specifically resulted in some of the biggest sales in web3. When I say big, I mean big… like millions.

His collection called “Fidenzas” was my focus and I decided to utilize Adobe and combine the 3 most expensive pieces sold on secondary market into one. I called it the “Two’s, Seven’s, and E’s for F’s”, now why in the world would I call it that? Well because in total there was 2727 Ethereum transacted for pieces of art called Fidenza’s.

Go check it out in the mini assignments section!!

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