A stranger encounter…

Going up to a stranger and starting conversation is definitely a bizarre feeling. It is an unorthodox act that humans rarely intentionally attempt to do so. Everyone is different and in my case as an extrovert, to start chatting with a random is not too intimidating. This week I decided I would give it a try at a restaurant bar with a friend. I was sitting at Earls watching sports when I was asked if the seat to my left was unused, as no one was using it I happily let the man sit. At this moment, I realized this was a great opportunity for me to engage in discourse. With a smile, I asked how their day was and which team they were cheering for. What began as a casual conversation led to myself and my friend enjoying watching the game all rooting for the same team. I found this conversation different than online as it is way more rewarding and enjoyable chatting in person. I personally aim to be consistent on both IRL and virtually when speaking to others but it is absolutely noticeable that not everyone enjoys/feels comfortable partaking.

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