Peer Review #3

Site Development
As I complete my third peer review of website developments, this process has been great experience in bettering my own content through analysis of other successful individuals work. For this review, I was tasked with assessing Brianna’s website “Perfume Log”. I really enjoyed reading through this website as it was super easy to navigate and explore. The focus of the site is for readers to learn about new perfumes and use this information to make informed decisions on perfume purchasing. When first entering the site, you are greeted with a simple and fitting home page where navigation to posts is direct. She has a variety of different reviews and a super engaging rating system that helps consumers clearly understand the product.

I felt that the typography of Brianna’s website is suitable for her content, as this site has a clear focus, and the chosen fonts and flavour is a great match for the perfume industry. I would advise considering the centering decision for the home page description. I feel as though it may be more suitable to reorganize the setting of the writing as it makes it slightly confusing. As for the image choice for the home page, I think there may be a better way of placing the image. Considering a layer of the image with text could be a fun change or else maybe clearer portion of writing and add extras picture in between.

Content Development and Categories
Brianna’s content was very enjoyable to read, she is engaging and provides valuable reviews. I found that her content is very solid and the only suggestions I would think to mention revolves mainly on the categories she has set. The PUB 101 section is great and clearly stated so not edits in that regard but where I believe could benefit from refinement would be in the perfume log. I think that creating subcategories for the perfumes whether they are split up based on review score, type of perfume or even a price point could be super interesting.

Marketability and Intended audience
Most importantly of this peer review is the emphasis on the marketability of Brianna’s website and how she has aligned the intended audience. Firstly, the marketability of the “Perfume Log” is well established. The ability to interpret and enjoy the high level content with great reviews is noticeable. I found that her reviews are absolutely valuable and great for her intended audience. A suggestion on this though, considering the subcategories of reviews could be easier for navigation. As I stated above, whether there were heading on price points or themes on when to apply the fragrance would create a better user experience. Lastly, I understand the intention is to market mainly towards a female audience as this is what she is reviewing but something to consider would be posting occasional mens cologne reviews. By doing this, you are opening up your demographic much more increasing site activity. All in all, i really enjoyed the site and would absolutely refer back to it if i am ever in the market.

Hopefully you can check out Brianna’s website and find yourself your new fragrence!

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