This week for my blog post I had the pleasure to have a conversation with the one and only, IRON MAN. I wanted to speak with someone that is really well known and truly understands disruptive technology. What started as a difficult task deciding who would fit this spot became obvious, who better than the head of Stark Industries.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t take to much of his time as he is a very busy man. I began with asking about his thoughts around the decentralized finance industry and whether he believes it could achieve mass adoption. He confidently shared his views regarding regulatory challenges but finished with his assurance “this tech will be utilized more and more as accessibility increases.”

Secondly, I picked his brain around NFTs and the digital identification technologies behind this cringy acronym. Stark sees NFTs as one of the biggest innovations for this century. He sees them for more then JPEGs of monkeys and unicorns but as an opportunity for citizens to share a detached entity of themselves. The tech behind these products is where he sees the true innovation. He also shared a great analogy with regards to concert tickets… He compares how we all would be going to events with our paper printed tickets what feels like yesterday,  now fast forward.. We use QR  codes in our phones, and NFTs are next.

There are a few more discussion points we covered, I will be posting the full recording of our convo later this week.

Stay tuned!

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